Ramezan Malekzadeh

Ramezan Malekzadeh

Mining Manager
Ali Malekzadeh

Ali Malekzadeh

Factory Manager
Rasoul Malekzadeh

Rasoul Malekzadeh

Sales Manager

 Arashstone Industry Extracting and Selling the Best and Highest Quality of Pietra Gray Marble Quarries, Slabs and Tiles

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In Arash Stone Industries with more than 13 years of experience with beautiful natural painting patterns, we have always been working to provide the best products to our customers.

Our Products

مرمریت لاشتر Pietra Gray Marble الرخام الرمادي أرماني

Pietra Gray Marble

One of the best black stone for decorative and building. High density and very low porosity

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کوپ مرمریت لاشتر Raw Pietra Gray الرخام الرمادي الخام

Pietra Gray Marble Quarry

Extracting a fine quarry from the mine and sell that. One of the best Pietra Gray Marble quarries in Iran

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تراورتن سیلور تکاب titanium travertine الترافرتین تکاب

Titanium Travertine

A great stone for building facade. We process tiles on this and standard finishes are polished & honed.

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تایل مرمریت لاشتر Pietra Gray Marble Tile قرميدة الرخام الرمادي أرماني
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