About Arash Stone Industries

Arash Stone Industries was managed by Malekzadeh Brothers in 2005 in Mahmoud Abad Industrial Zone, Isfahan.

With the aim of improving the quality and quantity of Iran and Isfahan Stone Industry.

After years of opening the collection, Nick’s name and superior quality have been the market’s long achievements and have always been working to achieve this goal.

You can see our licenses, here.

What We Do?

It is proud to have processed your customers as the center of the traditional processing of Titanium Travertine and Pietra Gray marble.

Which are the most popular, quaitly and beautiful building stones.

We are trying to process and deliver your best, most affordable and reputable products to you.

And by relying on its power and expertise, you always keep your customers happy and satisfied and provide them with the best quality.

We process and deliver the best, most affordable and the best of them for you dear customers.

Arash Stone Mine

Also, with the presence of a Pietra Gray Marble Mine, it helps the Arash rock industry to extract extraction of the best raw rock.

The extraction of this rock gives the opportunity to colleagues to make the stone quarry from the company.

We can offer the most reputable and unique type of marble larch to our customers.

With the extraction of Pietra Gray Quarry, this opportunity is given to our colleagues to selling the stone raw.

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